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Genesis We make mining competitive. To mine competitively today, you need to invest significant resources, time and effort into your setup. Our team has built the most efficient mining systems to do the job for you. This way you can fully focus on keeping track of the markets and remain competitive with your mining rewards.

About .

State of the Art Mining Technology For every blockchain algorithm that we offer, we’re providing some of the highest performing mining systems that exist

Our Features

Diverse Mining Portfolio Choose from 6 major mining algorithms that span over 10+ mineable cryptocurrencies Daily Mining Outputs Your mining outputs will be added to your account daily and automatically

Unlimited GPU Power

Genesis Cloud offers GPU cloud computing at unbeatable cost efficiency. We have exclusive access to some of the largest and most efficient data centers in the world that we are fusing with modern infrastructure for a wider range of applications. All of our services are highly automated, robust, secure, scalable

You can't beat our price

Our prices are 85% lower than other major cloud providers. No GPU cloud computing comes close to our pricing. We bill you in minute-level increments only for the compute time you use. Save even more with our preemptible and long-term discounts.

Features for Machine Learning

Get a rich feature set optimized for machine learning, entirely for free: Snapshots to save your work, storage volumes for large data sets, security groups for network traffic, a public API and preconfigured images for TensorFlow, PyTorch and FastAI.

Powerful GPUs

We have a large selection of AMD™ and NVIDIA™ GPUs of various types. We help you find the GPU that fits your project best. Harness our GPU computing power to generate your animated movies or train your neural network. We've got you covered.

Renewable Energy

By working on Genesis Cloud you are reducing carbon emissions as our data centers are operating with 100% renewable energy from geothermal sources. While other cloud providers are only buying certificates we are proud to be renewable from source.

Recuring Buys

Get a server running in seconds. We've done everything to make spinning up GPUs as simple as possible. Try it yourself for free.

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